Do It Now!

Sent by Laura (the UK)

Today's theme in Maria's Postcards for the Weekend is Gratitude.

One think I always feel grateful for is... post. Every piece of mail brings with it the time and the effort of the sender. And also the effort of postal workers!

But, of course, gratitude is useless if you do not show it. And the way is... replying to the letters!

Sent by John (the UK)

Send Someone A Love Letter

But do not stick a picture of Antactic ice as a stamp, please!

Some better suggestions:

(Maybe this would be too clear
as a Valentine message...)

Perfect for love letters and letter lovers

This traditional Portuguese embroidery
asks to the letter:
"Go happy on little bird's wings,
when you see my love, hug and kiss her/him..."

This would be perfect too, wouldn't it?

Read Me

There is no way to take a proper picture of this big postcard sent by John (the UK). You can believe me that it is wonderful, or see here the details.

More mail related to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland:

A letter from Ângela (Portugal)

A postcard from Bryon (the USA)
Background Painting by Disney Studios

The back of an envelope made by John (the UK)

The White Rabbit on the back of an envelope
sent by Laura (the UK)

Love In The 19th Century

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK) and arrived yesterday. Just in time for this week's theme in Postcards for the Weekend, i. e., Love.

This is a scene of Pride and Prejudice (1813), by the favourite author Jane Austen (My album here). A rather old-fashioned conception of love, for our contemporary standards...

Snow For The New Year

John (the UK) sent me this beautiful postcard with his best wishes for the New (Chinese) Year. I usually do not publish the back, but this is rather interesting...

The big stamp on the top left caught my attention. I had ever seen a stamp from Tuva. After reading that there are a lot of illegal stamps supposed to be from Tuva... I do not think this is a real stamp.

But, of course, it was not stuck in order to deceive the postal system, because the due postage is on the postcard. I love it, and the fact it was postmarked... what makes a rarity of it!

For one of those coincidences, Laura's postcard (the UK), arrived the same day, also full of snow. I love this views. Have you spotted the red mailbox?

The Tube

And also from London (the UK), Laura has recently sent this postcard,with the name of some famous lines and/or stations.

I think those above are real stations, unlike the ones on the map I received from her as a Christmas postcard...

I would be nice to get out of the train at Ho Ho Holborn or Three Wisemenster, wouldn't it?

(More alternative maps with a lot of stations I would like to visit, published some time ago, here.)


The cold weather continue to inspire my drawings, like the back of this envelope sent to the UK.

Laundry Day And More Postcards From London

I have received a bunch of postcards from London (the UK) throughout the years. I have been there too. But still I enjoy when I receive the not-so-usual views from (or showing) that infinite city... The following have been recently sent by John and Laura.

Laundry day in London, 1960-1965, John Gay.

Which used to be Monday, as the sender wrote on the back. And was especially hard if the football season is rapidly approaching and the clubs should sort out their kits...

London, August 1935
Tottenham Hotspurs' Washing Day.

(Clotheslines can make a great theme for postcards, who says they can't?)

The Tower of London,
 located on the north bank of the Thames
central London (the UK). 
The presence of all those poppies are explained on the back:
"The Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red". An extract from the poem by an unknown solier, inspired the artist Paul Cummins MBE and designer Tom Piper MBE to display 888,246 ceramic poppies at the Tower of London. One for every British and Commonwealth Soldier killed in the Great War. "We will remember them".

St Giles Cripplegate:
"A church in the heart of the Barbican", 
City of London:
Photo by Tim Middleton

The Arab Hall in the Leighton House Museum.