Malaysian Wildlife

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps - II is Wild animals. I was about uploading some different stamps, but then I just received this one on a postcard: a big deal of wildlife on one stamp!

It is an adhesive stamp issued on 1st October 2016, as a 10-stamp sheet of international definitive stamps. See here the whole sheets.

I Was Hoping...

No worries! I thing that would be impossible... Hence some of the latest lighthouses I have got:


the southernmost lighthouse in Germany

The Netherlands

Paard van Marken
The stamp belongs to the Postcrosing set


Postcard sent by Anna (Poland), showing the Polish lighthouses on the Baltic Sea shore. And some amber (It is supposed to be so). It is a curious postcard!


Harbour light sent by Armin from his holidays on the island of Eivissa.

The UK

Picture taken in 1911, of Leasowe lighthouse (the UK)
I visited this lighthouse in 2012. I mean, its surroundings, because the lighthouse itself was closed. At that moment I wasn't aware of some interesting facts about this building (more here):
  • Leasowe Lighthouse was built in 1763, and is the oldest brick-built lighthouse in Britain
  • According to local tradition its foundations were built on bales of cotton from a nearby shipwreck. 
  • The lighthouse was operational until 14 July 1908, with the only known female lighthouse keeper in those days, a Mrs. Williams.

Needles Rocks

The first Eddystone and Bell Rock

On the back of a postcard :)

I added this post to Maria's link Postcards for the weekends. Go there to see more lighthouses on postcards.

Postal Collections (2/2)

And more postal collections, but today about what you sent by post.

Like a fascinating (I do not find another word) collection of security envelopes, curated by Bethany Johnson.

The Office of Johnny Cash, c.1960

And, if you need some inspiration in order to design your own writing paper, just take a look to Letterheady: "an online homage to offline correspondence; specifically letters. However, here at Letterheady we don’t care about the letter’s content. Just its design.", by Shaun Usher.

Bill Watterson, 1991

Do you know more interesting online postal collections?

Postal Collections (1/2)

Sometimes the Web is like a museum, and you can fins some interesting postal projects and fascinating collections.

For instance, Evan Kalish's project, Postlandia: visiting all the post offices and postal places in the USA. Not less that 7,188 post offices visited since 2008!

A similar project is Post Office FreakDavid Gates has been visiting and photographing post offices since early 2000, and documenting them on the blog. And besides that, he said, he has a life...

Would you dare to post your letters in a postcard that is a penguin, a panda or a palace? In a pink, black, white, orange... postbox? In the the deepest underwater postbox?

This is an article about unique Japanese postboxes. The author wrote: "Japan is a country that doesn’t do ordinary and nothing personifies this more than Kawaii culture. In a land of anime, dedicated product characters, ubiquitous city mascots, Lolita fashion, J-pop and cosplay, nothing is immune from receiving the cutesy treatment. And postboxes are no exception."

Crane & Fish

Postcard and decorated envelope sent to Heleen (the Netherlands). They arrived safe and sound even if, as Heleen wrote, the South to North trip in the Autumn is rather strange for a crane...

By Pigeon

Envelope drawn by Heleen (the Netherlands), that this gentle pigeon brought smoothly to my mailbox.

Europa Stamps are special stamps issued by European postal administrations/enterprises under the aegis of PostEurop. Since 1993, there is a common theme. In 2016, the theme was Ecology in Europe: Think Green. But in order to celebrate Europa stamps 60th anniversary (1956-2016), all the countries issued the same design.

Despite of all these countries participating in 2016, I had received only the Italian. So I was happy to get another one!

British Inventions

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps-II is 20th Century Inventions. So many stamps to choose!

I am going to share only three, belonging to a set of eight stamps issued by Royal Mail in February 2015. Under the title Inventive Britain, they depict eight key inventions created by Brithish inventors over the 20th century.

world's first electronic digital computer
The Colossus, built during the Second World War to decipher messages, is acknowledged as the world’s first electronic, digital and programmable computer. It has a close association with Royal Mail. It was designed and built by GPO employee, engineer Tommy Flowers. The new stamp includes a representation of the ticker tape that inputted data, and on it is the symbolic word Peace.

non-corrosive, versatile, 100% recyclable alloy

high-strength, lightweight, composite material

The rest of inventions depicted on the set (which I have not received) are: World Wide Web, Catseyes, Fibre Optics, DNA Sequencing and the i-limb. You can see the whole set here.

Universities On Postcards

I sort of collect postcards showing universities. These are the latest I have got:

University of Essex (the UK)
Sent by Alan

Ohio State University (the USA)
Sent by Phillip

I also added this post to Postcards for the Weekend, the theme being Museum/university/library.

Paradise Will Be A Kind Of Library

I have always imagined paradise
will be a kind of library
(J. L. Borges)
Postcard sent by FinnBadger (the USA), made of a page of a calendar. Stunningly perfect stamps on the back:

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK). It shows the ceiling of the library at Kenwood house.
The library was built by Robert Adam between 1767 and 1770, and it is one of the most famous neoclassical interiors. The central painting is by Antonio Zucchi, 1768, and depicts the story of Hercules resisting temptation with the sculpture of  'Glory' in the temple beyond.

Postcards sent by John (the UK). It shows one of the oldest libraries in Europe: the Bodleian Library, the main research library of the University of Oxford. With over 12 million items it is the second largest library in Britain after the British Library.

Looking west
I had received previously other postcards of this paradise...

This is also a post for Maria's linky party Postcards for the Weekend. Today's theme is Museum, university, library; see the contributions here.