10 April 2013


Some lighthouses I have recently got:

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

This is the maximum card no. 60, issued by Posten Åland (Finland) in 2008, 6th June. This is a very special lighthouse because it is named after the engineer Gustaf Dalén, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physic for his invention of automatic regulators for use in conjunction with gas accumulators for illuminating lighthouses and buoys. Too technical stuff just to say that he is considered, along with Fresnel, one of the fathers of modern lighthouses. Briefly... great card for a lighthouse-and-mail lover!

Sent by Marlene (the USA).

The postcard shows St. Agustine Lighthouse in Florida (the USA). This is the information on the back of the postcard:
Built in 1874 of brick and iron at a cost of $100.000. The lighthouse on Anastasia Island is 165 feet high with 8 flights of spiral staircase. Its bold black and white stripes serve as daylight landmark. Tower is open for tours and Lightkeepeer's House is a Maritime Museum.

Sent by John (the UK), and also the stamps below.

The postcard features "The beautiful Hebridean Island of Lewis in Scotland. a) Stacks at Garry Beach North Tolsta, b) Tiumpan Head Lighthouse, c) Butt of Lewis Lighthouse, d) Arch on the north coast near Ness."

Eddystone Lighthouse (in Devon, England) and The Smalls (Sorry, but I can't help telling you that it was the first lighthouse in the UK to have an installed flushing toilet).

Sent by Denis (Brazil).
The postcard shows the lighthouse in the Arvoredo Island, 11 km far from Florianópolis. He sent me this postacard as a swap, in exchange of this one.


  1. Oh, também fiquei feliz ao ver meu postal aqui! Muito bacana a sua coleção, parabéns pelo Máximo Postal finlandês. Um abraço do Brasil, Denis.

  2. The fact that that The Smalls Lighthouse was the first in the UK to have a flushing toilet is one I'm now unlikely to forget!! What a great post.


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