20 April 2013

Letter to Little Red Riding Hood

April LEP's challenge was "to write a letter to or as your favourite book character". So I decided to write an important letter long time postponed. I can't say Little Red Riding Hood is sort of "my favourite book character". But anyway... I had some questions to her. 

So here is:
Dear Little Red Riding Hood,
We are about the same age. I remember you were about seven when I started reading your amazing story. For that reason I dare to write to you, because I feel we know each other since long time ago.
I must say your story always has fascinated me, and it’s for that I still read it to my nieces from time to time.  But thirty years later, they remain still some unanswered questions that sometimes keep me awake in the middle of the night. Now we're both grown-ups so maybe you can help me to avoid those uncomfortable sleep disorders.
a)  When I was seven I started to need glasses, and I of course I hated them. But your case helped to convince me. The possibility of not noticing my dear nan turned into a hairy beast scared me a lot, you know, so I finally decided to put on my glasses. (By the way: my Mum sends a big thank you).  Now I’d like to know the truth: Do you have any serious eyesight problems?  I mean… it isn’t so difficult to distinguish a wolf from a granny in normal circumstances, is it?
b) Why did you wear always this odd red riding hood? Didn’t you mind the children laughing at you at the school? And more important: Are you still wearing it? What does your employer think about that?
And c) Do you have a real name? Do you use it, or do you use Little, etc.? Or maybe do you sign as Big Red Riding Hood?
I hope you 
aren't offended by my questions and you have the time to answer me back.
Yours sincerely,
By the way... anyone who knows her address?!?


  1. Dear E.
    Thank you for your lovely letter. I'm happy to answer some of your questions.
    I'm very sorry to have caused you to lose sleep. I have often been accused of keeping young children awake at night because of my little adventure when I was young but I think this is the first time I've been told I keep an adult awake. I hope this letter may help.
    Yes, I do have serious eyesight problems . I am very short-sighted but I was naughty when I was young and wouldn't wear my glasses. My adventures put me right on that and I have worn them ever since.
    I'm sorry you think my red riding hood to be odd. I've always liked red and it is such a warm and comfy garment. Luckily my school's colour was red and so it matched the colour of my school blazer. When I went home from school some of the children did laugh at me but I liked my cape so much I put up with it.
    Your last questiuon is a lot harder. I do have a real name but I don't very often share it. I hope you won't mind if I don't tell you but other people might read this letter.
    Thank you again for writing to me,
    All the best
    Big Little Red Riding Hood

    1. Oh, it has never occurred to me that she could read my letter on the blog...! Thousands of thanks to take the time to answer, BLRRH!!!


    2. Hawwa's letter and this reply really made my day!


  2. What a FANTASTIC letter! Love it! Thanks for participating in the April LEP challenge!

  3. This is the best letter ever! My favourite character when I was little was Coia Cullera and she was writting letters all the time, so it would be a difficult letter to write. I loved your letter and the answer!

    1. I'm afraid this character didn't exist when I was a child, but I'm sure I would love Coia Cullera too!

  4. Thanks!
    Your comments encourage me to write (even) more letters :)


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