19 April 2013

Hate Mail

This is a strange project: the illustrator Mr Bingo sends postcards with offensive messages. So... why would someone to pay 5 pounds to be said "I hate you"? Well, it seems that more than 400 people found it funny so far. This his the explanation:

The ProjectI love post and I'm worried that people don't get enough 'fun' post these days. Especially postcards. So I had an idea. It's very simple. You send me thirty quid (plus postage) and I'll send you a vintage postcard with a drawing and an offensive message on it (that's why it's called 'Hate mail'). So you get an original signed drawing, the postman get's a laugh and the world get's a little bit happier
I love specially the FAQ section:
What should I do if I don't want any Hate Mail? Don't click on the button that says 'BUY NOW'.

The project is closed for now, but it opens sporadically for short periods of time. You can see more postcards and read more about how it started here (in Spanish).


  1. hm, unique for sure, but I'd prefer love mail:)

  2. I agree with Micu! How about "I love you because..." mail.

  3. Maybe love mails went too mainstream in this artist's opinion. I like his project!

  4. I found it funny and artistic, but I'm not sure if i'd pay to get "hate mail". Usually being told ugly things is free! :-P


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