12 April 2013

Oh... Happy Day!

Sent to Micu's mum (Hungary) as my second contribution to the Challenge #2 of Mail a Smile. The theme of the challenge was A cup of tea or coffee.

Collage made of press cuttings, tea labels, washi tape, stickers and a real bag of tasty rooibos tea. The postcard is published in the Challenge Gallery.


  1. This is so great! Awesome job :)

  2. Its a cite card! This card makes you happy. Love it.

  3. I mean: cute ( sorry) http://postvoormij.blogspot.nl/

  4. Thank you Yana and Aritha, I'ma glad you like it! And I encourage you to participate in the challenges of Mail a Smile. They are plenty of fun and you'll put a big smile in someone's face! (as always with snail mail, of course!).


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