28 April 2013

Dictionaries for Postcrossers

Taken from here
Sometimes I would know how to say "Thank you for your postcard" in different languages. So there is an useful resource: Dictionnaries for Postcrossers, made by a German postcrosser. It contains some useful basic phrases and words in 40 languages.

It says it's open to corrections and new languages. In fact I sent a translation into my language looooong time ago, and it was never published. Maybe should I try again?


  1. Thank you for this, can't wait to use it now :D... And I think you should try it again :-)

  2. Whoopee. Saves using Google Translate which, excellent though it is, sometimes lets one down on rather basic phrases because it tends to translate word by word.

    1. I think Google Translate isn't that bad. But anyway, this little "Dictionary for Poscrossers" is really useful! I like to say at least "hello" in the language of the recipient.


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