26 April 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

Sent by Tereza (Czech Republic).

I wanted to tell you that the letter I wrote to Little Red Riding Hood (to participate in April LEP challenge) was published yesterday in LEP's blog, yippee! And then I remembered I had received this cheeky Little Red Riding Hood some time ago.

I asked you for the postal address of Little Red Riding Hood. I did not realize that she could read the letter on the blog... and answer! So please, don't miss the reply she wrote (in the comments). By the way, I do not  understand what Scriptor has to do with the matter... ;-)


  1. Big Little Red Riding Hood wanted to remain anonymous so she asked if she could use my Google Account to send her reply.
    It nearly didn't get sent because when I got her request I thought at first that it was spam!

    1. Oh, ok! So now I understand. Of course she has her reasons to remain anonymous. It must be really difficult to be known by ALL the children in the world... ;-)


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