29 April 2013


Outbox is a service based on Austin (Texas, the United States) that  turns your snail mail into electronic mail. It means that they pick up your snail mail from your mail box three times a week. Then they open, scan and store your mail. So you can access your mail from anywhere. You can request the pieces of mail you are interested in keep and they deliver you twice a week (the rest of the mail is recycled). It costs $4,99 per month.

The most disturbing fact about this service is that you must send a picture of your mail box key (back and front) and they make a copy of the key!

I suppose there is not any snail mail lover who has tried...

NB This post does not support this enterprise and it is not sponsored in any form. I do not know if it works or if clients are satisfied. I only wanted to write about an idea I found in this page because it sounded very original to me.

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