01 December 2016

Postal Collections (1/2)

Sometimes the Web is like a museum, and you can fins some interesting postal projects and fascinating collections.

For instance, Evan Kalish's project, Postlandia: visiting all the post offices and postal places in the USA. Not less that 7,188 post offices visited since 2008!

A similar project is Post Office FreakDavid Gates has been visiting and photographing post offices since early 2000, and documenting them on the blog. And besides that, he said, he has a life...

Would you dare to post your letters in a postcard that is a penguin, a panda or a palace? In a pink, black, white, orange... postbox? In the the deepest underwater postbox?

This is an article about unique Japanese postboxes. The author wrote: "Japan is a country that doesn’t do ordinary and nothing personifies this more than Kawaii culture. In a land of anime, dedicated product characters, ubiquitous city mascots, Lolita fashion, J-pop and cosplay, nothing is immune from receiving the cutesy treatment. And postboxes are no exception."


  1. Wow!
    I'm not sure if I dare to let the mailbox 'eat' my mail :-)

    And of course we wonder how the mail survived the underwater mailbox :-) I once have sent mint stamps to Indonesia, and the recipient was upset: why hadn't I packed the stamps in plastic, to his annoyance. I didn't think of that because my assumption was that all mail usually is kept dry, also in our wet country. But in Indonesia it was rainy season, and the postman apparently couldn't keep my envelope from the humid atmosphere.. So the stamps' glue layer became wet and all sticked together...

    1. I never think of that, neither :(
      What a pity!


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