13 December 2016

The Mail Girl

On yesterday's postcards, John needed all the room on the back for good news. And I needed it to draw this Mail Girl that brought greetings to Heleen (the Netherlands):

Actually, that was the second trip of the Mail Girl. the first time she went to Australia. I hope she reached Naomi's mailbox! She did :)

I wonder which will destination will she choose next...


  1. Thank you for this lovely Mail Girl, your drawings are beautiful!
    Funny that she first held the envelopes up in the sky, and at the time she reached my country some of them dropped on the ground :-) I guess that snail mail snails will have delivered the fallen mail to people living downstairs. Anyway, the envelope which she held in her hand has reached my home (on 3rd floor) :-)


Thank you for coming. All your comments make me extremely happy.