02 December 2016

Postal Collections (2/2)

And more postal collections, but today about what you sent by post.

Like a fascinating (I do not find another word) collection of security envelopes, curated by Bethany Johnson.

The Office of Johnny Cash, c.1960

And, if you need some inspiration in order to design your own writing paper, just take a look to Letterheady: "an online homage to offline correspondence; specifically letters. However, here at Letterheady we don’t care about the letter’s content. Just its design.", by Shaun Usher.

Bill Watterson, 1991

Do you know more interesting online postal collections?


  1. So great to see the different collections, thank you for attracting my attention!

    In NL I know there is an association of people who collect postmarks (and other postal pieces). There must be more allover the world (my brother knows someone in Spain who collects postmarks, too), but here is a link to the website of the Dutch people. They name it 'marcophilia', http://www.po-en-po.nl/exposities/marcofilie
    By the way, when I see a nice postmark, I cherish it, too. And via instagram I learned to know people in the far east (like Japan and Taiwan) who collect special, picture postmarks. But the Dutch association (and I) seems to be happy with regular postmarka, too :-)

    1. In their text (alas in Dutch only) they also refer to 'eophilately' (eos = sunrise, I know this suffix from the eohippus, the 'sunrise-horse', the cat-sized greatgrandparent of the present horse, so eophilately must be ancient, too :-) )
      In the text they explain eophilately as philately for postal things before the postage stamps were inbented/used.
      At the moment I've not enough time tonsearch the internet for online marcophilia and eophilately collections but I guess you will find sufficient examples!?!

    2. (sorry for my typing errors, being a bit too much in a hurry :-) )

    3. Many thanks, Heleen!
      Nice postmarks are a plus, of course.


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