03 December 2016

I Was Hoping...

No worries! I thing that would be impossible... Hence some of the latest lighthouses I have got:


the southernmost lighthouse in Germany

The Netherlands

Paard van Marken
The stamp belongs to the Postcrosing set


Postcard sent by Anna (Poland), showing the Polish lighthouses on the Baltic Sea shore. And some amber (It is supposed to be so). It is a curious postcard!


Harbour light sent by Armin from his holidays on the island of Eivissa.

The UK

Picture taken in 1911, of Leasowe lighthouse (the UK)
I visited this lighthouse in 2012. I mean, its surroundings, because the lighthouse itself was closed. At that moment I wasn't aware of some interesting facts about this building (more here):
  • Leasowe Lighthouse was built in 1763, and is the oldest brick-built lighthouse in Britain
  • According to local tradition its foundations were built on bales of cotton from a nearby shipwreck. 
  • The lighthouse was operational until 14 July 1908, with the only known female lighthouse keeper in those days, a Mrs. Williams.

Needles Rocks

The first Eddystone and Bell Rock

On the back of a postcard :)

I added this post to Maria's link Postcards for the weekends. Go there to see more lighthouses on postcards.


  1. I like all the different shapes on the Polish card. The amber is a strange addition to the card but intrigued I found out but the Polish Baltic area is famous for its amber and in past times (maybe even today) Polish people went amber gathering on the beach, winter storms also churned up the seabed releasing more and then the Poles went fishing for it. I always enjoy the German series of stamps on lighthouses.

    1. At first I didn't identify the amber, so I asked to the sender :)

  2. I love your Lighthouse Stamps, a lovely way to look at this topic. I'm not sure if I should pick a favourite card, but I like the black and white one that had the female keeper. Cool!

    1. There have been more female lighthouse keeper, but it hasn't been an usual job for women, anyway. In the past, it was very hard.

  3. I bet it was you who suggested this subject. That Polish card is great.

  4. Hi Eva, that Polish postcard is a curious postcard indeed. I think it's excellent to have different lighthouses on a single card with descriptions for each. And yes, this subject of lighhouses is from the list you gave me ;)

    1. That is a very original postcard. It arrived inside an envelope. But all the lighthouses make me dream of travelling.

      I'm glad you chose this theme. I receive lighthouses from time to time, and I'm glad to upload the pictures.

  5. Eve, Wow, what a wonderful post on the lighthouse theme! Very nice! I like all the cards and stamps. The one card from Poland ... so unusual and interesting. This time the theme was perfect for you! Thanks for sharing!


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