10 May 2018

HitM | In Amsterdam

Traditional houses in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), that I received by Linda, through Postcrossing. The same day, another postcard arrived with this matching stamp:

And even another version of the same style houses arrived later from Micu (Hungary)!


  1. So nice to see these familiar (that is: in Amsterdam and a in few more cities in the west of NL) houses :-)

    The different gables have different names in Dutch, according to their shape: a trapgevel (stairs gable / stepped gable), a halsgevel ('neck' gable) and a klokgevel (clock gable, bell gable).

    1. I saw them also in Belgium. The name of gables is very interesting!

    2. That's true, I forgot to mention that I've seen such gables (stepped gables) in Antwerpen (and Gent and Brugge if I remember well). But I'm not sure if in Belgium these are in small houses, as small as at the Amsterdam canals, as well?

      The specific names refer to the specific shapes, for me logical names (steps, clock/bell, neck) but now that you say so, apart from the steps which seems clear to me, it is interesting indeed why they chose for bell and neck as names for these architectural shapes.

    3. You mentioned exactly the three cities I visited last week ;-)

  2. :-)

    And Thank You!! Thank you so much for your postcards - the Antwerp station and the Smurf I received a week ago, and the Blue Gate arrived last Wednesday. So happy, thanks a lot!


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