03 October 2018

HitM | Please, Deliver...

This is another contribution by Heleen (the Netherlands) to the Houses in the Mail project. It is a big envelope. Actually, a cardboard bag containing a new house... to be crocheted. I do not crochet, but I knit, so the yarn is being used anyway.

On the cover, Heleen wrote: "Please, deliver this new house to the new house of...", and she sent it to my new address. But the fact is that we are not living there yet, and there is not mail slot. This bulky piece of mail did not fit under the door. So the postwoman, who delivers also the mail at my parents', ask them if they wanted to take the letter (because I get some mail at my parents', you know). Or otherwise she would take back the letter to the post office and leave me a note. 

Finally, this new house letter was delivered to my old house!


  1. Bel envoi ,jolie maison en pain d'épice !

  2. What a nice story! Great to know that the to-be-crocheted-or-knit house arrived at your old house :-)
    So slimmer mail to your new house is delivered under the door?!?

    1. Yes! I hope that maybe next week we'll have our mail slot (no room for a mail box!). Anyway, thin letters are better!


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