11 October 2018

The Mail Monsters Project | 5

A little nibble never hurts if it appeases the Mail Monster

I guess that only the recipients noticed, but most of the Mail Monsters I drew, were personalised. I mean, related to the previous letters, or the recipients' hobbies, or so on. So to  speak, every Mail Monster has its own story.

This was the last Mail Monster I sent, but it shows the origin of the project: the comments on this post.

It never came back, though. It is disappointing when the letters get lost in way. But, well... this is what Mail Monsters do, isn't it?*

* When a Mail Monster eats a letter like this one... Is that a form of cannibalism? Monsterophagy?


  1. Definitely a little sad when a monster doesn't return, however your fish monster is great.

    1. In this case, I even don't know if it first reached its destination. But at least I took pictures of all of them!

  2. C'est Moby Dick qui a mangé le petit monsterfish !


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