30 October 2018

The Mail Monsters Project | 11

The Mail Monsters know that if they are too greedy
you will stop sending letters

This envelope was sent back by Bryon, and it is a very special one. Firstly, for the stamps, that make of this one an actual Halloween edition (Sorry that I missed the Friendship with Morocco stamp in this picture: you can see it here).

And also because the questions were answered during a Postcrossing meet-up. So... a lot of different ideas here!

Describe, create, draw... a Mail Monster:
  • A mail monster is someone who doesn't redirect mis-directed mail :)
  • the mail monster brings the credit card bill
  • A mail monster could look like anyone/a normal person
  • you never know whoooo might be a mail monster :D
  • [pen cancelled stamp] This is what they do!
  • [yellow mail box] -- Portal to another dimension
  • The rooster keeps mail monsters away!

Do you believe in Mail Monsters?

  • Yes!! I am open to all possibilities :)
  • Yes, I have seen them
  • Yes, because so many cards have gone missing
  • Just like the sock monster, right?!
  • Yes, it's fun to think about
  • Of course! :)
  • Yes, sad but true mail monsters strike when you least expect it
  • Yes, but thankfully they do not visit too frequently

Many thanks to all the meet-up participants, and to the sender, of course. You made my day!


  1. This is awesome - really cool idea of Bryon's to get multiple ideas at a meeting.

  2. Thanks Eva. That was a wonderful meetup getting all those creative contributions!

    1. I'm sorry that it wook so long to post this. But you know that I really enjoyed it!

  3. So many good descriptions!
    And see, it is notthe poor innocent postman who is to blame for scribbling pen strikes on stamps, it is the mailmonster!

    (and it is a home mail monster who put the mail monster you've mailed to me ages ago in an unfindable corner of my home (maybe the home monster is jealous?), but I'm sure I'll find them one day...)

    1. Mail monsters at one's home?!?

      (Anyway, if one day you find the envelope... don't send it to Morocco!)

  4. Quelle plaisir cela a dû être de recevoir un tel courrier et le mail monster ou plutôt le letter pirate est somme toute fort sympatique

    1. Et oui... un grand plaisir!
      Merci beaucoup de tes commentaires :)


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