06 October 2018

The Mail Monsters Project | 3

Have you heard about the terrible Mail Monsters?

It seems that, in Hungary, Mail Monsters are really colourful!

And this was Micu's friendly answer to the question Do you believe in Mail Monsters?
Yes, I believe in Mail Monsters. In fact, I think they want to be good friends with me so they keep "borrowing" my letters. In the beginning when I didn't know they exist I was really frustrated when some of my letters didn't arrive to their destinations. Now I know everything happens for a reason.I don't want them to be lonely, so every now and then I allow them to play with my letters :)

Would you allow the Mail Monsters to play with your letters?


  1. Superbe enveloppe ,timbres magnifiques et monstre effrayant !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Two more great mail monsters. Well, the mail monsters have definitely played with some of my letters in the past, so I suppose I 'allowed' them to do so.

    1. You are right... they don't ask for permission!


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