24 July 2019

Queen Victoria Bicentenary

Maybe you noticed the nice stamps on this letter...

Queen Victoria in her latter years

It belongs to a set of six stamps, issued by Royal Mail on the bicentenary of  Queen Victoria's birth. They chart Queen Victoria’s life – from Princess to Empress.

Before I had seen them on the Internet, I received four of them... the same day!

Queen Victoria as a young girl
with her terrier, Fanny (1830)

Queen Victoria on horseback, with servant John Brown (1876)

Queen Victoria wearing the Robes of State (1859)

The Marriage of Victoria and Albert


  1. This is such an interesting set of stamps (that I hope to receive, at some point...)

    1. I've got five of six. I don't know why I always get the whole sets minus one stamp! But it can still arrive, I hope.

  2. Amazing to see so many arrive in your mailbox at once.


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