23 February 2016

Air Letter

Air Letter sent by Alan (the UK).

An Aerogram or Air Letter is a thin lightweight piece of foldable and gummed paper for writing a letter for transit via airmail, in which the letter and envelope are one and the same. Most aerograms have an imprinted stamp indicating the prepayment of postage.

There have been long time since the postage rates in Spain depends only on the weight of items (and to  measures, to certain extent). They do not sell official aerograms any more. If you send one of them (which I do sometimes), it is the same rate as for a normalized letter or postcard up to 20g. Royal Mail is not selling these neither, but they allow them to travel.

Do you know if air letters are common in your country?


  1. They have been common many years ago. The Post company distinguished 'luchtpost', airmail, international mail up to 10 grams, from regular mail, usually up to 20 grams. But in the past 20 (? more?) years the cheaper 10 grams mail disappeard, and so did the aerogram (and 'luchtpostpapier', airmail paper, A4 size light blue light weight paper, and matching envelopes).

    1. I think it's the same in every country... It's a pity. I'd like I could sent postcards paying cheaper postage...


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