29 February 2016

Leap Year's Day

I have received this envelope from Phillip (the USA) last Friday. Just in time! Because it is a letter to the future (Cf. the MA Dictionary). See what is stamped on the back:

Actually, this is also a post to the future, an scheduled one. That means that I am writing this before the due date. I have not opened the letter yet, and therefore I have not seen the content yet.

I wonder how Mr Munez can wait to open more of 200 letters...!

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  1. Some people have had their leap day envelope for a couple of weeks, you only had to wait 3 days. Happy leap day!

  2. I want to see what's inside the envelope!

  3. It's great idea to keep feelings for some time. I'll try it with my friends :)

    1. Letters to teh future are funny. Try it!
      Thanks for your visit and comment.


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