27 February 2016

Mail Is a Bridge between Us

Segura river in Murcia (Spain)
Sent by Heleen

Waalbrug bridge in Nijmegen (the Netherlands)
Sent by Heleen

Bruges (Belgium)
Sent by Catherine (France)

HSL-bridge Moerdijk (2006)
Almen bridge over Twentekanaal (1946)
(The Netherlands)

(More bridges)


  1. Thank you for posting! I love bridges (no news for you :-) ) and the Waal bridge is my favourite (not new either) and mail as a bridge, yay!!

    Funny detail: the Dutch word for 'bridge' is 'brug' (plural 'bruggen') and you posted a picture of a 'brug' in Brugge (the Belgian city with a matching name) :-)

  2. Are you collecting bridge postcards? I can send you one of the Gold Gate Bridge if you'd like....


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