15 February 2016

Postal Additions

Heleen (the Netherlands) was trying to send this tiny piece of mail and PostNL considered it was too dangerous to send it so naked. They added this plastic bag with some explanations:

And maybe this time something went missing. At least, the stamp:

More postal additions on recently received mail:


  1. How sweet of the Dutch PostNL!
    Anyhow, I am glad to see it has arrived, despite of the sadly missing stamp. The size is smaller than the Post officially allow, so I am happy to see that they do their utmost to have even too small mail arrived at its destination!

    There is a larger milk package (put in an envelope by *me*) on its way to you :-)

    What does the text in the Moroccan postmark say?

    1. It's a postmark from the customs service. I've got sometimes on my mail, but always blurry like this. So I can't read the words exactly :/


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