11 February 2016

Scurry No. 7

I sent this postcard to Connie Jean's Squirrel Museum (the USA), and she sent me back the documentation of the exhibition, the picture of the Scurry No. 7.

The envelope was funny as usual, with the well known motto: A squirrel a day keeps the doctor away (?!).

And I even got some squirrel money. It was real money until 2001. (Thanks, Heleen!). Maybe I still can spend it buying... nuts?


  1. This squirrel money is so cool! And so to see it is real money?!

    The squirrel you drew is lovely!

    1. Found! It is from Belarus,

    2. Thanks for the link!
      but, according to this, it is not longer current money. It was until 2001. Maybe I can still use this note to buy nuts... ;-)


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