05 February 2016

Letters to Eduardo

Two more letters sent to the mysterious Eduardo Munez. They arrived safe and sound, as you can see here and here

You have still the time to send him a letter that would be featured in the film. Your letter can be a film star! 


  1. Yay!!! We love these letters Eva! 100 letters now for Eduardo! Let's try for 200! :-)

    1. I know that Mr Munez is happy with every letter he receive. Even before reading them!
      And he is a lucky man, isn't he?

      Let's see how many letters will still arrive...

    2. Can you imagine, over 100 envelopes to open?

    3. I'm not sure I can imagine... :)
      As Ruth says, the day they opened the envelopes will be "super-Christmas". I'm looking forward to see the video.

  2. Tes desins sont tres biens. Ils me plaient beaucoup


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