26 February 2016

Caféterras bij avond

This  postcard was sent by Heleen (the Netherlands), with no one but two matched stamps:

Maybe this painting by Van Gogh is one of his best known. But still it is one of my favourites! By the way, on both the stamps the title is written as Caféterras bij nacht. However, on the postcard is written Caféterras bij avond (?).

I really cannot complain about the Van Gogh stamps that PostNL has issued in 2015. I received these as part of a present. Correos stuck an ugly label on them, but happily I could remove it without any damage for the stamps.


  1. Glad to see the postcard arrived well!
    As I wrote (I think I did?!) it is my favourite, too!
    concerning the text, 'big' should be 'bij'. And maybe the time of the painting was about 11, 12 o'clock, when the evening (avond) is turning into night (nacht)?? :-)

    How good that you could remove the post sticker. And still I cannot understand why some postal workers stick sticker on, and not besides, beautiful stamps. I once saw it with my own eyes, the man considered the stamps apparently as usable things, not as miraculous paintings-on-square-centimeters... I don't remember if my 'oh no please don't do that there') was in time, but every next time I brought packages to this post agency I asked and will ask it in advance. Some postal workers say the sticker has to be in front, others are more flexible and when there's no room in front, they have creative solutions (stick it on one of he other sides).

    1. I have corrected the "big" :P
      I found funny that there were a title on the stamp, and a slightly different one on the postcard.

      This time, you must admit that they hadn't room for the sticker. But it's strange that it was Correos, and not PostNL, who added the label!

  2. Wow! They are amazing!

  3. J'aime biens les peintures de Van Gogh....et le museesur lui a Amsterdam est vraiment incroyable

    1. J'aimerais bien visiter le musée. Mon mari y a été et il aussi dit que c'est super.


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