16 February 2016

Charlie in the Winter

Hand-made envelope, of a catalogue, sent by Phillip (the USA). I think this illustration of Charlie is the best in the set. Who would not walk in the snow just to check if there is something in the mailbox? Even a letter full of snow, can warm you in a cold morning!

The stamps made me update this post again...


  1. Really pleased this one made it to you in such nice shape. Perfect blog for today when there is 2-3 inches of slushy messy snow on the ground. And you might be one of the few people to have the whole set sent to you on letters.

    1. This was a really beautiful surprise. I love this image of Charlie... like every snail mail lover, waiting for letters.

      I had schedulued the post. But yes, it is a good day for showing it: also here the winter arrived yesterday. But it isn't so cold; it almost neer snows in the city.

      I'm a lucky woman! At least, regarding to mail matters ;-)

  2. I'm glad that I don't have too many days where I can shout "Hello in there!" into an empty mailbox, like Charlie does.


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