28 December 2018

From Rome & the Vatican

Bocca della Verità ('Mouth of Truth'), Rome

When I was in Rome (in May 2017; pictures herehere...), I sent postcards through two postal services: Poste Italiane and Poste Vaticane. The postcards sent from the Vatican arrived after a week, more or less. Even to Morocco. On the contrary, the postcards sent from Rome three days after took more than one month to reach their destinations!

However, I received three weeks ago these two wonderful postcards from Rome (above) and the Vatican... They took 9 and 10 days to arrive (which still is a lot for a postcard within Europe).

Oedipus & Sphinx (vase)
Gregorian Etruscan Museum, Vatican City

By the way, this is the first mail I have ever got from the Vatican City. (I mean, other than the Mail Moster that I sent to myself as a test)


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