07 December 2018

Hard Postal Work

Emptying the pillar box
John's picture

An Attack on the Exeter Mail in 1816
Stamp designed by Keith Bassford
and Stanley Paine, engraved by Csezlaw Slania,
and issued on 31 July 1984
Maxicard sent by John (the UK)

Distribution of the letter
(Self-delivering letters?!?)

From the French stamp series
The Journey of a Letter (1984)


  1. I live this blog post!
    I was a happy (?) receiver of the Exeter attack stamp, too :-)

    The French stamp is great, too; maybe is giving hands and feet to letters a good manner to fight the mail monsters!?!

    1. Maybe if the letters are together they are strong and can face mail monsters with confidence...

  2. *I love, of course (and maybe live, too, if ever I'll change my job into a postal-related one..?!)

  3. The Exeter mail was attacked by a lion which had escaped from a travelling zoo. The lion was recaptured but one horse died. Do you still want to work in the mail, Heleen?

    1. Maybe Heleen was thinking of the self-delivering letters, rather than of the wild lion... :)


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