31 December 2018

Typical Postcrossing

After a gap (due to a lot of lost postcards, mostly sent from Morocco), I came back to Postcrossing. A friend of mine sent me this postcard to celebrate it.

There are a lot of things to say about Postcrossing. To keep it simple: it is just a pleasure to receive joyful surprises in the mail in the form of little squares. With 50 million of postcards exchanged (50 million!!!), I still think it is one of the best sites ever invented. I am very grateful to the guys that had the idea and made it true. And to the people who maintain it alive, making the world better, a postcard a time.

If you have not tried Postcrossing yet... maybe can it be one of your 2019 goals/resolutions?

(See here how it works).


  1. awww.. thank you eva, for your kind words! happy new year!


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