13 December 2018

The Mail Monsters Project | 22

The number of Mail Monsters seems infinite...
And they take different shapes and sizes. For instance, Philippe show here his mail (orange colour), and a yellow mail monster, invisible to the naked eye, who is about to devour it.

But not all the Mail Monsters are this small...

Oh! Yes! I do believe in mail monsters! Oui, je crois que les monstres du courrier existent.
Mais ce ne sont pas des petites bestioles invisibles, ce sont des êtres humains, des employés de la Poste qui, parfois, ne transportent pas le courrier que je leur confie. (certes, courrier non réglementaire)
Heureusement, ils sont très rares. En 35 ans d'art postal, seules 4 ou 5 lettres ne sont pas parvenues à mes destinataires.
Only 4 or 5 letters lost in 35 years! Have you been that lucky?


  1. I love your envelope to Philippe - all those monsters competing for the mail! And I feel I have had a lot more go missing than 5 in just the last 10 years.

    1. Me too, alas. But, even considering the amount of letters I send and how weird some of them are... Maybe the Mail Monsters aren't so greedy, after all!

    2. I think you're right!

      And I agree with Phillip, love the envelope, see that stamp mail monster, and the masked one!

      By the way, my home mail monster still hid your mail to me...

    3. The stamp mail monster is one of my favourites... I think it can hide pretty well!

    4. I also love the masked monster - I wonder what it is trying to hide from?

    5. From letter writers, mail artists and postcard senders, of course!


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