18 December 2018

The Mail Monsters Project | 24

And you can learn a bit more about the Mail Monsters with those envelopes that went astray...

Sometimes, the Mail Monsters
lick a stamp for desert. Delicious!

In the middle of the ocean,
there are a tiny island,
a lone pilar box,
and an almost desperate Mail Monster
waiting for letters.

You can find Monsters of all shapes and colours
in the mail world...


  1. That is so sad that these did not make it back to you. They are all super. And at least you have the photos.

    1. I guess I can start drawing monsters again...

  2. So much humour in these!

    (and my envelope for you still is hidden - but not eaten I'm sure - by my home mail monster).

    I wonder, if a stamp of a king in a jolly way, would reach all countries? In NL as a child we used to draw a moustache on the queen's portrait and the mail arrived well. But for some countries, the reigns are a kind of holy, and any variation on the normal stamp sticking can lead to punishment... Maybe that could be the case with the first envelope (ehm, or isn't that the one still wandering through the hidden spaces in my home?!?)

    1. I would never do that to a stamp in Morocco, because I think some people would be ofended. In Spain... well, I don't know any more. Probably nobody will notice, except for the recipient.

      I think that envelope is the one I sent to you. You will find it one day!


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