24 December 2018

Christmas Envelopes & Collages

Front and back of the envelope and postcard sent by Micu (Hungary), made with a paper bag and reused materials. It arrived... almost a year ago!

Collage Christmas postcards sent by Bruno (PC).

Christmas mail sent by Fabienne (France), in 2017 and 2018. Her collages look much more beautiful in person. This year's seem intended for the Houses in the Mail project...

Envelope sent by Imma (PC).

Envelope made by John (the UK), with the Victorian Christmas as theme.

Very Christmassy envelope sent by Phillip (the USA). I love the vintage (from 1963) illustrations on the envelope. But, somehow, it surprised me to see the Coca-cola bottle in such a prominent place!

I received more stamps from this set, with a beautiful pictorial postmark:


  1. Great envelopes! That Santa postmark is really nice.

    I was looking at the one I sent you to see the postmark, since I read that the non-stamp part of the souvenir sheet was too shiny for the ink - making it likely that it would rub off onto adjacent envelopes. It is. bit hard to see, but it looks like there is a postmark.

    1. And I just read the info at Linn's thanks to your link - I am fascinated by the fact that 1 million of the souvenir sheets were printed, which pales in comparison to 1 *billion* of the standard sized Santas!

    2. There is a postmark, but almost invisible.

    3. I guess that lets you see the stamps better.

  2. Quel bonheur dans ta bal !


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