27 December 2018

The Mail Monsters Project | 27

Even if some (6) Mail Monsters never came back, eventually 22 of them landed again in my mailbox, from 12 different countries. 

All the participants have been amazingly creative, both in the texts and in the drawings, collages, etc. Actually, I don't know exactly how many people have contributed, because some people get their children (or grandchildren) involved, or their friends.

Thanks to the project, I have discovered a lot about the Mail Monsters! About their appearance (ugly, hairy, multicolour, human!...); their size (big, small, microscopic...); where do they live; which kind of mail they like most; their personalities (shy, greedy, elusive...); their activities...

Every envelope in my mailbox was a party. So... thank you, thank you, thank you!

I hope that you, participant or reader, have enjoyed as much as I did. And remember...

Beware of the Mail Monsters


  1. I love this pile of envelopes - and this great project. Everyone's creativity and imagination is wonderful to see - you really inspired us all with this premise.

    1. Thanks to you for your participation! Even if the project turned out smaller than expected, I really enjoyed it, and learned a lot.

  2. I very much enjoyed all your posts and updates on this project. Loved all the creativity by the participants!

    1. It has been wonderful. And again, thanks for your participation!


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