22 December 2018

The Mail Monsters Project | 26

Inside one of Bryon's letters, I found some piece of coffee news, maybe related to another kind of mail monsters.

I am not sure that you can read the picture, so here is the text:
Undelivered mail: Most people don't like their mail to be delivered late. But getting a letter a few days or weeks after it was mailed is nothing compared to a postal problem uncovered in Vicenza, in northern Italy. More than 40 containers were found in a postal worker's garage. In the boxes were 1,100 pounds of mail, including bills, letters, and bank correspondance. Many of the items were years old. After the discovery, the postal service lost no time suspending the culprit, and lawyers were called to fint out what charges could be made. Authorities intend to try to deliver all pieces of mail to the addresses on the envelopes.
What do you think about? 


  1. I wish some of that mail was destined for me, it would probably have an interesting rubber stamp explaining the late delivery!

  2. I wonder how they found out he was hoarding mail instead of delivering it.

    1. I guess that some people started to complain. 1100 pounds are a lot of letters!

    2. A rare example of a complaint to the post office resulting in action!


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