13 January 2019

Sunday Stamps | U for Universe

I received this postcard of the sun from Posted Letter, with this thermochromic ink stamp of the solar eclipse, that I had previously featured on a post.

It gave me an idea to look for more stamps related to the theme Universe, for the letter U of Sunday Stamps.

Pluto and New Horizons
31 May 2016
Express Stamp - Space Shuttle Challenger
22 June 1995
Jupiter Room in Guiana Space Centre
50th anniversary of CNES (French Space Agency)
17 October 2001

World Space Week
6 October 2016

I hope that any scientist will not be offended if I include in this post the following stamps...

Boba Fett (Star Wars)
20 October 2015

Star Trek
2 September 2016

Star Trek
27 April 2017


  1. Wow, that’s quite a universe of stamps you have displayed for us here! Love that Boba Fett issue!

  2. I like the different universes you showed today.

    1. Now I'm thinking that almost anything can fit under the label "Universe"...

  3. I like that an express letter got a space shuttle stamp.

  4. I find it so fascinating where the space agencies have sent rovers, landers, etc for exploration.
    And I do love that solar eclipse stamp :)


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