30 March 2019

That Awkward Moment

And this is what you would call 
an extremely awkward moment:
Heleen finds out that a Mail Monster is living at home

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you might know that something mysterious happened with a letter I sent to Heleen, belonging to the Mail Monsters Project.

On this postcard I sent later to her, I tried to capture the very moment when she discovered what had happened. You can see it also on this post of Heleen's blog, dedicated to weird existing (?!) animals.


  1. I am so happy that you found the cause of the disappearing of my mail!

    And you drew us rather well. My looks, the glasses, the Monster, all!.. Well, the monster is slightly smaller (though in my worst dreams he/she can eat a lot of mail and bridges so is big), and thanks to your la vache qui rit mail project I am slightly broader.


    1. I think I drew you from a picture you sent me long ago (but I made you new clothes!).

      I should do a postal project on vegetables and fat-free food, so that you could recover your shape :P

    2. I think that a good idea! And/or maybe I should sit (to write postcards) less and stand/walk/run more (even though that makes writing postcards a lot harder than when sitting down to write..)

  2. This is such a fun piece of mail art.


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