13 March 2019

Special & Beautiful Post Boxes

This postcard was sent by John (the UK) last December. It was posted in a musical Christmas post box in Line Street Station, Liverpool. You can read more about this mail adventure and see the festive post box on John's blog.

On the back, some matching stamps (attacked by the dreadful postal blue pen!!),

South Africa's older letter box still in use is in Worcester Street, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. The box was erected in about 1856 and is fluted in design, with a horizontal letter slot with a flap. The box is traditional Post Office red.
Postcard sent by Dave (South Africa).

Smiling Postman, c. 1900
A French postman posting a letter on this vintage postcard also sent by John (the UK). 

The canals and Beguin convent
Bruges, Belgium
This postcard sent by Laura (the UK) is special because... me too, I have been there!


  1. Those are quite the epaulets on that French postman. Great selection of cards.

    1. They aren't small... :D
      And, besides that, I wonder why he is posting letters instead to deliver them!

  2. A favourite thrne, beautiful postcards and stamps!

    (Btw this dreadful blue pen is less horrible than the postal felt tip pen and marker!..)

    1. I agree that the marker is worse, but still... :'(

    2. I feel the pain, too..


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