14 March 2019

Trunks & Horns

Envelope sent to Laura (the UK).

In my language, we use the same word for 'trunk' and 'horn': trompa. And, strange it might seem, that was the matter of the letter inside...


  1. En France la trompa serait le cor d'harmonie ,il existe aussi le cor de chasse et la trompe de chasse,tous trois des instruments de musique et bien sur la trompe de l'éléphant ,il existe aussi des "trompettes de la mort " un délicieux champignon en forme de corne d'abondance

  2. L'enveloppe est comme toujours magnifique !

  3. Fun envelope - accompanied by great stamps.

  4. So greatly done! An elephant with a bunch of flowers in the trompa and a trompa on his/her head :-) Love it!

    In Dutch the English word 'trunk' has two meanings: the elephant's nose we name slurf, and a trunk is a boomstam (trunk of a tree). While horn is hoorn (English or French horn). The trompet is an other copper wind instrument (trumpet in English; maybe there's an other similar word in your language?)

    1. Yes, we have the word trompeta, which in origin means 'little horn'. But I hadn't any stamp featuring a trompeta! Otherwise, I would have added it to the envelope. I'm glad you like it :)


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