02 March 2019

Two Postcards from India

Police Commissioner's Office, Bombay

A part of Postcrossing that some people enjoy a lot is the choice of the right postcard for the recipient, according with their profiles. For other postcrossers, however, is very difficult to figure out which postcard should they send. Very specific requests are sometimes annoying; they make people feel guilty if they cannot find anything suitable. I think it is equally annoying when people do not write anything about themselves or the postcards they like on their profiles.

Sometimes, when I receive a postcard, I cannot guess why the senders chose that very picture. It does not mean that I do not like it. After all, every postcard sent with care is very welcome. Sometimes, the message, or the stamps, or even the handwriting, is more important than the image itself. And... isn't randomness one of the best things about being a postcrosser?

Daggers with scabbards
Water Steel and Gold, 18th century
Hyderabad, India


  1. These two cards together make me think of crime and punishment.

    1. The next postcard will be about Dostoevsky... :|


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