16 March 2019

May Your Beers Be Green and Cold

Saint Patrick's Day wishes sent to Laura (the UK). The money I stuck was not from a pot of gold, but made by Alan (except the 100€ stamp: that is an official one!).

May your days be bright and sunny
May your beers be green and cold
May ye will be gettin lucky
when you are wrinkly and old.
And may someday a pot of gold
in your own yard, ye find,
and when you do, remember to
keep folks like me in mind! 


  1. What a fun piece of mail - are you drinking any green beer tomorrow?

  2. A 100€ stamp worth only 55c? Our Royal Mail has just issued a big '£1' stamp which is only worth 67p ... what's going on?

    1. I don't know, but, now you said that, £1 seems very stingy if you compare with 100€...


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