09 March 2019

Some Days, Some Dreams

Themed letter sent to David, of Posted Letter (the USA). (The blue and white lighthouse was cut from an old place mat and turned into a shaped postcard.)


  1. So clever to include the posted pigeon in your illustration.

  2. An other wonderful drawing!
    And So original: I would never have thought that a coffee/tea cup could contain something else than the brown drink :-)

    1. A cup can contain a lot of adventures! I usually drink a coffee or a tea while I read the incoming mail, and so my cup is filled with different worlds and people and thoughts... :)

  3. J'aime beaucoup ,les timbres et la carte semblent si jolis ,je ne sais pas si parfois les rêves deviennent réalité ,l'espoir fait vivre en tout cas !Très bel envoi !

  4. Oh, how I love that cup full of adventure!


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