15 March 2019

Which Cancellation Do You Prefer?

Ok, just a rhetorical question.

This is not exception. I have a collection of beautifully cancelled stamps. These are only the last ones I have got. I really like the zeal Royal Mail puts in doing its job right.


  1. Anything is better than the nasty scribbles.

  2. I don't agree with 'anything better': a regular postmark which is too inky is a horror for me, too. And some of the not-too-inky USPS seasons greetings postmarks I received showed a picture which totally was filled with ink, so that I couldn't see the image of the stamp anymore... A thin scribble which is put carefully so that the image keeps well, I think less bad than the ink-wells some postmarks provide..

  3. Oh my - that's an odd comment above mine.

    To be honest, I haven't paid much attention to postmarks. Now I will. Those scribbles are awful.

    1. I deleted it. Sometimes some bots find the blogs, too :|

      Some cancellations (not these!) deserve attention, as they are beautiful. Specially pictorial postmarks, or slogans from Royal Mail...

      Thanks for your visit! :)


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