16 January 2014

Summer Fruits

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

I received this postcard in the beginning of the autumn. I love the design, because of the illustrator (Fiep Westendorp is an always favourite!) and because of the subject: a lot of strawberries! I agree with the sender that we never would let all these strawberries fall in the ground (at least, the dog and the cat can enjoy them as well as Jip and Janneke!).

This postcard reminded me that I have received a lot of red fruits postcard so far. I thought it could be nice to recall them now that we are longing for the summer...

From Kilmeny (Canada).

From Martina (Germany).

And all these sent by Finnish postcrossers:


  1. Oh, I love strawberry :-)

  2. Hi Eva, your collection of red fruits postcards make me crave so much for 'summer berry tiramisu' - a tiramisu version I discovered in my trip to the UK in 2012. It's amazing, I can't find it in any restaurant here in Asia...

    If you copy and past the link address I have below on your browser, you can see my snapshot of that red and white tiramisu:


    1. I don't mind if I receive a postcard of this picture... Or the red tiramisu itself! :P

  3. i love the first one the best<3

    1. Oh, me too. I think Fiep is a sort of genius of illustration!


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