05 January 2014

Where Does a Stamp Take You?

Don't you love this slogan? Doesn't it suggest a lot of mail adventures?

This Portuguese stamp belongs to a campaign of Ministry of Education in order to raise the literacy levels of population. This year, on the 7th edition of the program, schools throughout the country were invited to participate in various initiatives under the slogan Imagine the Great Machine of the Postal Services.

Among other prizes, three participants will thus have the opportunity to see their works printed in a stamp. This one was designed by Francisco Maria Rasquilla, and it is for international letters (20g or less). There are other two stamps, for national and European letters:

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  1. I totally agree with you, I love that slogan! So mysterious, adventurous! And so postal :-)
    And all of these stamps are wonderful!

    By the way, once I read an other slogan about stamps: 'Il y a ne qu'un timbre qui nous sépare'. Sweet motto for all of us snail mail lovers, isn't it?


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