11 January 2014

Valentine Re-Mailing Program

Did you know there is a city in Colorado (the USA) named Loveland? In fact, there are a lot of places wearing the same name in the States. But Loveland in Colorado is famous for its Valentine Re-Mailing Program, started 68 years ago. This program re-mails more than 160,000 cards each year from all 50 states and more than 110 countries.

If you want your Valentine's be sent through the Sweetheart City, you just need to follow these instructions. Be sure to respect the deadlines!!

Loveland's Valentine Re-Mailing Program began in January 1947. Ted Thompson received about thirty valentines from people requesting to have the cards postmarked from Loveland for "a romantic extra touch". He and the postmaster Elmer Ivers thought it could be an opportunity to advertise Loveland, and the Loveland Chamber of Commerce agreed to collaborate. Thompson designed a cachet who was used twice. Then he started the tradition of changing it every year. Since then, one different cachet with a verse has been used every year. For 2014 it will be:

You can read all the details of the program here.


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    1. Are you trying this? We usually don't celebrate St. Valentine's Day.


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