29 January 2014

Postcards from Africa

I am glad to add a new country to the list: Mozambique. But there is a trick, in fact! I received these two postcards written and stamped (both with the stamp you can see below this lines)... not by snail mail, but in hand. 

A friend of mine travelled to Mozambique and South-Africa, bought the postcards for me, wrote them, bought the stamp (in South-Africa; she had no time in Mozambique)... and then she realised she had forgotten my address!

Anyway, I like them and I am very grateful for having thought of me!


  1. Lion is so cute! :-) beautiful postcard!

  2. I like the first postcard. Yes, it's always nice when our friends think of us when they're on vacation.

  3. Whether traveled by post or handed by hand - they do come from Africa! And even have been written and stamped - such a funy story, to have everything ready but the address.

    Both cards are beautiful, however I think the first card very special, I like it very much! It's not the typical tourist card but it shares a part of the daily life.

  4. Thanks for your comments! I think this kind of "adventures" makes the "mail life" interesting. Both postcards are wonderful, more in real than in my poor picture. But I'm more fond of daily life than of wild life, I'm afraid.


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