17 January 2014

Post-related I

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). 

Long time since I wanted to post this postcard which always makes me smile. Do you know this funny character

As a bonus, some post-related stamps which would match perfectly with the postcard above:

From Germany
There are at least three letters in this wonderful stamp, including a message in a bottle. Or there are more and I cannot see them?

From the Netherlands
I think this boy is selling Christmas cards, isn't he? children stamps.

From Philippines
This series of stamps shows the Manila Central Post Office. More information here. Wonderful motto: You Sent We Deliver.

From Spain
This stamp was launched by Correos (the Spanish Postal Service) on 16th October, 2012. It belongs to the series Infraestructuras Postales en la Época Colonial (Post Infrastructures in Colonial Era). It shows the "Casucha the Paramillos", a hovel built in the 18th Century in the Andes, to give shelter to the travellers and royal postmen who crossed these mountains in the winter.

From the UK


  1. Jaś Fasola -wow!:)

    Beautifull stamps!

    1. I love specially stamps about mail. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Lovely selection of stamps.

  3. The little boy is selling special Childerns Stamps.

  4. @Lisa B
    Thanks for your comment!

    Thanks for the information!

  5. So great to see all these mail related stamps - one of my favourite stamp subjects, too!
    And Mr Bean, indeed causes a smile, especially his longer movies I appreciate a lot (like Mr Bean's Holidays, a road movie :-) .
    Thank you for posting!


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