31 January 2014

Happy New Year I

From China (sent by Angela)

If I am not wrong, today starts the New Year in a lot of countries. So for those who celebrate this festival: Happy New Year and 招財進寶!

It will be the Year of the Horse. But I want to show some New Year postcards/stamps I have received in the previous years (I hope there isn't a lot of mistakes in dates; I took the information from the Wikipedia). I love the Taiwanese series, do you?

26 January 2009 – 13 February 2010: Year of the Ox

Handmade postcard sent by Russ (the USA)

14 February 2010 – 2 February 2011: Year of the Tiger

Sent by Goldcrest (Ireland)

This Chinese New Year stamps  launched by An Post shows an image of an 18th century Tibetan-Buddhist painting from Gansu Province in North-West China.

Sent by Melissa (Canada)

Sent by Chi (Taiwan)

Sent by Chen (Taiwan)

I am not sure if the last one is a New Year stamp or just a tiger...

German postmark about the Year of the Tiger

3 February 2011 – 22 January 2012: Year of the Rabbit

Postcard sent by Jia-Yun (Taiwan)

Matched stamp which arrived on the previous postcard

Sent by Chi (Taiwan)

23 January 2012 – 9 February 2013: Year of the Dragon

Sent by Chi (Taiwan)

Sent by Hanxi (Canada)

10 February 2013 – 30 January 2014: Year of the Snake

Sent by Chi (Taiwan)


  1. That's a wonderful collection, thank you for sharing, Hawwa!

    Also from me, to everyone who celebrates, best wishes for a wonderful, healthy, beautiful Happy New Year!

    1. I'm sure I've received even more that I'm not able to find now! Most countries issue beautiful stamps for the New Chinese Year (neither Spain nor Morocco, I'm afraid).


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