04 January 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños

Feliz cumpleaños para toda la vida
100% happiness cada año de tu vida

Sent to Laura (the UK).

Birthday postcard made of a reused box of cereals, stickers, press cuttings, washi tape and colour pencils.


  1. Such a nice composition! I love the combination of printed colours and with colour pencils
    Feliç aniversari per a tota la vida i també per a tu!

    1. Gràcies!
      By the way, I received your present the last day of my holidays. The postwoman left a note on my parents' place, Mom phoned me and I run to the post office. I tried to convince the postworkers to give me the letter without the note. I spoke with two of them, and I got a reprimand because my parents haven't a proper letterbox... But I got it! :D

  2. I'm happy to read that you received it (and managed to get it :-) , just in time!
    Today I received your letter from the 1st of January, thank you very much!!


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