18 January 2014

Post-related II

Postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

Postkontor i Sonderborg, Als, Danmark (2011)

Also sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). Postcard made by pictures she took in Denmark. The kind of pictures I like to take when I travel, by the way. The postcard also fits in my flags album.

Postcard sent by John (the UK).
Man posting a letter holding a cauliflower, 1949, photographer unknown. Yes, the question: Why is he holding a cauliflower?!?


  1. At least he isn't trying to post the cauliflower ;). Very nice postcards.

  2. How I love that picture of the man posting while holding a cauliflower!

    I think he just will take it home to prepare his dinner.
    Or, maybe, he has promised a nice lady to bring a bunch of flowers with him. You can see he has putout his working shoes and now wears his Sunday's shoes. The cauliflower in Dutch is called 'bloemkool', and bloem-kool literally means 'flower-cabbage'. So maybe he, or his beloved lady, is Dutch!? Oh, wait, 'flower' in cauliflower is 'flower', too!

    1. :D
      Also in Catalan is named "col-i-flor" or "flor-i-col". So definitely your explanation is the right one!

  3. Great postcards!! You get a lot from Heleen -- lucky you!

    1. I'm lucky indeed. Thanks for coming again!


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